If we go by name neither Finnaun Guur Helic nor anything like it are found in modern lists of enclosed springs/wells (e.g. Jones* or Thomas*), though these tend to concentrate on springs that have been used for healing or religious functions, associations which are notably absent from Guur Helic. The nearest, for example, is Ffynnon Halog in Pembrey, near Swansea, mentioned, with no more detail, by Jones, followed closely by Ffynnon Dilic, Drymma Hill near Neath in the Cilybebyll District, which, according to the c.1600 Peniarth Manuscript 118, was associated with Bedh Dilic Gawr ("the grave of the giant Dilic"). Neither of which are particually convincing options. For more convincing pools with appropriate names but the wrong location see Notes on Pwlls and Others. For pools which are in roughly the right area, but with other names, see Note on Size.