The only memory of the name Pwll Helyg in Tongwynlais near Cardiff is as the name of a road some distance from the original spot (Photo). However, a couple of kind locals who live near the road recalled playing around two ponds in the 1950s. One was "in the hollow down where the motorway now is" and another was "further in towards Cardiff, around where the cemetery is" - though they suggested the former was probably drained and under the road. Comparison between the modern map and that of 1885-1886 shows that this pond is likely to have been Pwll Helyg though overlays of the two maps give enough leeway for the pool to be either by or under the motorway.

Despite the building of the roads around it, there is still a mossy patch of saturated land within the roundabout where the A470 connects with the M4 Motorway (Location Photo). The ground has been disturbed to the point where the only remains of what would have been cottages are some masonry lumps, and the original vegetation has been removed. However, new willows have started growing there (possbly accounting for the name: see Note on Helic) and the ground is still wet enough to believe the area once held a pond (VR View looking in). Even, so, looking at the area you would be justified in expecting there to be nothing left of the pool

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