Helic is probably the (Brythonic? i.e. before ~8th C) name Helig. Helig is a frequent component of placenames in Wales. Though it could be (and often is) "Willow" (modern Welsh Helyg), in this case the prefix Guur makes it likely it is being used as a personal name (See Note on Guur), rather than to mean "Willow Pool", for example. Equally, it seems unlikely the name is related to the placename component Heli which probably denotes brine (Though see Note on Pwlls). The use of Helig as a name appears in the triad "The three kingdoms destroyed by the sea" which notes the destruction of the the land of Helig ab Glannog (See Wonder 6 Note on Floods). The triad is first known from the 13th C, but other elements of it refer to the "Dark-Age". The name also appears in a number of genealogies, though some of these seem to trace back to the dubious Y Myvyrian Archaiology (See Other Works) via, for example, Baring-Gould and Fisher*.