"There is another miracle in the region which is called Ercing. A sepulcra is shown near a spring which is given the name Licat Amr, and the name of the hero who's grave is in the tumulus, it follows, was called Amr. He was the son of Arthur the soldier, and he himself has killed him in that very place and done the burying. And men come to measure the tumulus in length: sometimes it is six feet; sometimes nine; sometimes twelve; sometimes fifteen. For whatever the measurement you will measure it in such a succession, again you will not find it with the same measurement; and even I have made confirmation on my own." 1,2

Ercing was the old name for the area of Archenfield3,4. Given the spring is called Llygad Amr ("Amr's Eye")5,6 the most likely river for it to have fed into in this area is the river Gamber7,8.

There are two likely contenders for the tomb location9,10: the most famous tumulus in that area, that of Wormelow Tump11,12 (now destroyed13) near Gamber Head spring14, and a possible long barrow on nearby Garway Hill15.

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