Arthur's1, or Cetti's, Stone ("Maen Cetti") sits just off the road on Cefn Bryn, but is relatively easy to find because, in combination with the nearby viewpoint, it's a stop on most coach tours of the Gower, and there's usually cars parked along the road. The site is a dolmen surrounded by the remains of a cairn mound or ring , and is likely to be Bronze Age2. It is surrounded with a collection of other features, in particular, a large cairn-mound3 known as the "Great Cairn" (VR Photo). There is also a road which runs between two lines of notably large boulders. These were, at one point, thought to be a processional (or otherwise) alignment, however it is now largely accepted that the boulders were random across the landscape* and were probably moved to form the road, not vice versa.

The feature itself (Photo; VR Photo) is a block of stone (local Old Red Sandstone?*) supported on four smaller stones (was nine before the stone broke4), within what appears to have once been, at least partially, a stone-built cairn-mound. The view from the west (Photo) shows how low the base of the largest rock (Photo) is to the original ground surface, and this has been used to suggest that the rock is insitu* (presumably a local glacial erratic), and the smaller rocks were inserted under and around it. This view also gives an dubious indication of the diameter of the original cairn - dubious because we have no way of determining the slope angle and whether the material has been redistributed from a closer pattern around the central stone. Indeed, it isn't clear that the stone was entirely covered*.

There are many folk-tales about the stone, of varing reliability. Hughes* reports that on midsummer's eve the stone moved to the beach at Burry Pill to drink. The stone was also apparently used by girls to test their boyfriends. The girls would make a cake of honey, barleymeal and milk on a full moon midnight using the stone to kneal the dough on. They would then crawl three times around the stone ~ and if the boy appeared he was faithful and the marrying type. Charming though this may be, having been there during the day and found it pretty spooky, it has to be said that it doesn't seem hugely likely that anyone would be desperate enough for marriage that they'd go all the way up there in the dark.