The Llangattock Escarpment is relatively easy to reach from Llangattock/Crickhowell, though the final rather steep and tight assent to the carpark can be tricky if you go late in the day and meet a lot of cars coming down the hill. To find Eglwys Faen, head right from the carpark (facing the escarpment) and basically just keep going. The scarp heads roughly north-west, before a considerably kink to the south-west and back again. The cave is in the corner just before the cliff resumes its north-western orientation (Map) (Location Photo).

The cave has one main entrance (Photo, Photo). Although it is somewhat hard to tell, this was probably above the level of quarrying - it is certainly the only cave marked on the 1885 Map. This leads to the large cavern (Photo) that presumably gives the cave its name (translating as "Stone Church").

Quarrying has lead to at least six additional openings (Photo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), one of which (Location Photo; Photo) has a reasonable flow of air from it, even on a calm warm day (12 Sept 2005, 14:00hrs).

Pwll y Gwynt