Droitwich still has much of the salt-town about it, particually around Lido Park. While the park salt-lido has closed (for the moment: info) there is a new theraputic pool (info) in the town (Photo: apologies for the state of the photos - it was the worst of days for photography, not least because it was snowing ten to the dozen). The park ponds claim to be saline on at least one map, though this seems a little dubious (it has to be said that the thought of testing them isn't particually tempting, even with the combined weight of past antiquarians jeering behind you).

The original salt industry and the probable site of our wonder, however, was down by the current canal in Vines Park, in the Salwerp Valley (Photo). Pretty much alone amongst all the wonders, the local community has actually highlighted the presence of this place in the Historia, and has gone to the effort of restoring a salt tank on the original site (Photo) despite the apparent dangers (Photo)!

You can find a description of the salt industry, and the techniques it used here.