Although it is widely believed that Bath has the only geothermally heated surface spring in Britain, this is not true. For example, the spring at Hotwells, Clifton, Bristol, was warm. It could be found on the intertidal mud next to an Iron Age causeway throughout the Iron Age, Roman, and Saxon use of the area*. The causeway is now destroyed, but was at the location currently beneath the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The spring, which can still be visited, was pumped for a Spa and gave water at 23oC./74oF.*.

Although this is a saline spring, and would seem well placed to resolve the single supposed location for this Wonder and The Fourth Wonder, there is no evidence of either a pool, wall, or salt making here, though it did occur during the late Roman period down the coast at Huntspill*. Other warm springs known of before the pumping associated with recent spas and mining can be found in this Note. You may be interested in Visit Details for this site.