Though this isn't explicit in what has been said, it is unlikely a standard Roman bathhouse, of which there would have been plenty in post-Roman Britain, would have caught the eye of our compiler. Impressive Roman bath complexes, like those at Chedworth (which may have had an impressive, late, Romano-British religious function*) or Wroxeter* (which is closer to Droitwich, possible site of the The Fourth Wonder: see also Reno*) would have been ruined by the end of the 4th/5th C., and therefore cold by the time of the Hwicce. It is likely that only a geothermal pool would have been both warm and wonderful - at least one was picked out by a Saxon poet as a Wundrum (Wonder) (See Note on "The Ruin").

If you are interested in Roman Baths generally, you can find a list of those open to the public in Britain on the Bath Roman Baths website here.