The Severn once came up a great deal closer to St. Theodorick's Church in Mathern than it does now. To see where the old inlet was, go first to the Church, walk through the graveyard to the back. The graveyard backs onto a shallow valley. From the graveyard wall you can see the pond in the grounds of the palace of the Bishops of Llan Dâv (Photo). Follow the footpath out from the back of the graveyard, down the slope and into the field. Take the path left towards the Severn. From here you can see the palace next to the church (Photo). Although the field the path follows seems to slope away from the Severn, this is apparently an optical illusion, as the path follows a streambed (dry in September 2005) which leads from next to Tewdric's Well, passed the church, and down to the river. This small valley has, in the past, been an inlet*, and, in a case of mythological wish-fulfilment, there are even some planks across the stream (Photo).

To reach the main area of the old Pill / Creek continue down the path to the St. Pierre manor grounds. Sadly, where heros once trod there is now a golf-course full of business executives, but you can follow the footpath across the course - preferably waving your arms like a lunatic and screaming in Old Welsh - to the last remnants of the streams that used to be the main body of St. Pierre Pill - the probable Pwll Meyric.

St. Tewdric's Well