de Barri, G. (1187) Itinerarium Cambriae "The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales" Translated, with notes, by Hoare, R.C. (1893), edited with additional notes by Williams, W.L. (1908)

See also the 1912 Dent, J.M., version [online]

Where given, page numbers refer to: Gerald of Wales and Thorpe, L.(ed)(1978) The Journey through Wales and Description of Wales Penguin Classics, pp.333.

An Latin text which appears to be uncensored can be found in: Dimock, J.F. (1868) Giraldi Cambrensis Vol VI: Itinerarium Kambriæ et Descriptio Kambriæ Rolls Series 21, Longmans: London.

Note: this author was known by the name Giraldus Cambrensis ("Gerald of Wales").