This site is part of an ongoing project to collate information on "the Wonders of Britain" - a list of geographical and mythological wonders traditionally ascribed to the 9th C monk Nennius.

It aims to be a complete and accurate as possible. However, where educated guesses, local knowledge, and vague arm-waving are necessary, they'll be used. Please feel free to send any corrections you think need making - I'd be grateful to have them.

The site is devised and maintained by Andy Evans, who's an expert in nothing, so always glad to hear opinions...

To do...

The following publications have come out of this project so far:

Evans, A.J. (2011) 'The Levitating Altar of Saint Illtud', Folklore 122(1), 55-75.

Evans, A.J., Nettleship, J. and Perry, S. (2008) 'Linn Liuan / Llynn Llyw: the wonderous lake of the Historia Brittonum's mirabilibus britanniae and Culhwch ac Olwen' Folklore, 119, 3, 295-318.

You're welcome to use anything of mine from the site, with an appropriate reference. Details for the site are:
Evans, Andrew J. (2003-) "The Wonders of Britain" University of Leeds. [online]