Nennius' Historia has largely been cast aside as near useless for historical study, though it is both an interesting reflection on issues important in the 9/10th Century**, and well constructed given the limitations of the age1. Most interest in the work comes from the fact that it contains a number of dubious details on King Arthur2.

Nennius professed he made a "heap of all that [he] found"3, so the work is perhaps best regarded as a "Reader" in Dark Age History**. The Wonders (and associated list of cities4) in particular, are widely excepted as an inserted older work5.

Different manuscripts have different Wonders in them, but the list on the left tries to cover them all. In addition, in most cases the locations of the Wonders were latinized in the manuscripts, and it is hard to locate some. This site follows the most likely options6. The following links give further details that might be of interest.

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